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Food is one of the basic essentials of life.Tasty food matters a lot. The busy days give no room to cook and we end up either starving or eating junk. Because of lack of time and energy, we tend to skip the meal . Compromising a meal a day is not a good idea and hence we came up with a thought to serve you healthy and delicious food at your doorstep.. Wait a minute !!! did we say we deliver food at your doorstep? Yes, Greenhydbiryani is knocking your doors to take your order. Go ahead and order the food of your choice in your favourite restaurant and get to eat it at your home by may be watching a good movie or get on a busy work or just like that when ever you hate to cook.

It so happens that many times, we are not even aware of the restaurants that are existing in our vicinity. Be it for breakfast, lunch or dinner, just surf through Greenhydbiryani and choose your cuisine type and the list of restaurants that reflects in the list and there you go to taste the lip smacking, finger licking food that calls for a feast for your taste buds. Isn't it a cool idea to get food at your doorstep? you are just a click away from that. If you think technology is a boon, why don't you utilize it at its best?

How does it work?

We have a list of restaurants that would get reflected in our website and that also comprises of the menu. You need to make an intelligent choice for the type of cuisine that you want, for example, NorthIndian, SouthIndian, Japanese, Italian, Mediterranean, chinese, mexican, burmese, vietnamese etc and chose the restaurant and select the payment mode and order for the food of your choice and get it delivered at your door step.

About US

There is always a constant demand for food across the globe. Irrespective of recession, this is one field that is ever green that absorbs demand on day to day basis. We believe in connecting the food lovers to the food servers.